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Thank You Plant Medicine 🌱

It’s today! 20.02.2020! "Thank you plant medicine” campaign is coming out. With happiness we support, “Thank you Plant Medicine Polska”🌱🌱, because this full of gratitude name of the campaign just melted our hearts! This gratitude is what we feel about holy plants / fungi and we think that without gratitude to their healing power we are not able to go deeply through experiencing what they have to offer us.

The action aims to open conversation around the entire stigmatization of psychedelics, it is also driven by the so-called psychedelic renaissance, i.e. a wave of research focused on therapeutic properties of psychedelics and the opening the discussion about altered states of mind also in culture.

“Why do mushrooms contain entheogenic, hallucinogenic substances? What is their purpose? When writing about mushrooms, it's hard to ignore such a significant aspect in the history of their relationship with man. We are currently witnessing the ongoing Psychedelic Renaissance, i.e. intensified laboratory tests enabling a deeper knowledge of psychedelic substances, which when illegal were pushed underground, and knowledge about their use e.g. in psychotherapy was beyond mainstream science. We are currently observing a breakthrough. More and more doctors are beginning to open up to the use of these substances in the treatment of patients. Legal regulations are changing over time. More and more people write about the wide potential of their properties for example Michael Pollan in his book "How to change your mind" which circulated the world with loud echo. A state of different consciousness can be obtained in a variety of non-pharmacological ways, e.g. through sensory deprivation or the Grof's method: holotropic breathing ... Why, however, can we consume the same state by consuming the body of the fungus? “ This is a fragment of Maria Subczyńska's master's thesis" Broken Links ".

Mycohood has its roots both in the experience of plant / fungal medicine but also in a sense of unity with all living beings and the desire to act for them (currently we focus on bees and how to support their condition using the properties of mushrooms, mainly reishi and chaga).

If you resonate with subject of plant medicine and psychedelic renaissance as well as the latest research into entheogens follow us for more information. If you have had positive experiences with psychedelics and you’re ready to share them with the world, we invite you to take part in this action. More information can be found here ----> TUTAJ and also on facebook group ---->TUTAJ.

Mycohood Squad

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