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Sexuality Spiral
together with Munira Janicka

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Munira and Maria join forces and create a unique event for you - a journey into the land of sexual energy / life energy that gives birth to life.
By using Taoist and tantric practices, working with the body, breathing, self-massage and meetings in a circle, we will create a space for safe exploration, nourishment and recharging with high vibrations 🙂
We both have prepared beautiful experiences for you, which we will lead for you in the fiery center of the workshop, while we will start and end the workshop with a meeting in a circle. The Circle is a beautiful tool that will allow us to get to know each other better, find the place where we are with our sexuality and help us integrate all the processes that will take place during the workshops.
We will start the workshop with a guided meditation in which I will connect you with the field of the heart and the womb.
The next step will be to open the circle and invoke a Goddess for each of you who will support you on this journey and strengthen you in your power.
When you are closer to each other, we will start the bodywork workshop.
I will lead you through a dance with the elements that will allow you to discover their qualities within yourself, and in the next stage I will show you how to connect with your sexual energy.
I use various tools for this: breath, touch, movement and smell.
It will be a deep journey through the recesses of your sexuality.
Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that drives the entire universe.
Sexual energy is a force that powers us in practically every area of ​​our life, nurturing it, charging our life powers, drawing from the greatest source of life energy, it is thanks to sexual energy that we are here, we were born and we experience life. Unfortunately, the way in which sexuality is presented, tabooed, contributes to the harmful image of sex as a destructive or sinful force, we are ashamed of being sexual. As with any force, we can both create and destroy with this energy, which is why the space for safe exploration and learning, how to cultivate sexual energy, supplying life forces, our own and others, is so important. How to heal and heal, every particle of your body - feed with the energy of life. In my path, I owe the most to Taoist sexual practices. During the workshop, we will plunge into the ocean of energy flow, we will sail with it to places in our body that need power, thanks to Taoist practices we will energize and nourish our body, spirit and mental strength. Starting with the basis of sexual energy, we will take care of the flow in every other area of ​​life, letting in there the energy of realization, creativity and relief.
Munira Janicka
A wild and free soul, he works with the body, sexual energy, the elements and the tarot. I created my original moon candles for massage, tantra and sexual rituals.
I am studying psychotronics at the Institute of Applied Psychology. I support myself with the knowledge gained during the Munay Ki shamanic workshops and the tantric-shamanic workshops with Anand Rudra from Mexico.
I am in constant motion, my body guides me. In motion, I transform old patterns and discover who I am. Working with the body and dancing are my tools to deepen my relationship with myself, while dancing I enter a kind of trance that takes me to my deepest layers and allows me to heal many wounds. In movement and dance, I release layers of my sexual energy and I want to teach you this too. Dance is emotionally passionate, movement is power, the body is our guide.
Maria Subczyńska
She graduated from the Faculty of Media Arts at the University of Arts in Poznań. She creates art inspired by mycelium, interspecies communication and love. She is looking for an answer to the question of the role of art and the artist in the Antropocene epoch, in the "toxic culture" of divisions and conflicts, which is expressed in the state of (un) health of individuals, societies and the environment. She is looking for ways to "rebuild links", to create a language that would have the power to create bonds and exchange interspecies messages.
She feels like an ambassador of plants, fungi, stones, minerals and animals on Earth.
In her artistic practice, she uses various media, usually working at the meeting point of various fields, art and science, biology and spirituality. She tries to find common points for a divided reality.
Over the last three years, she has co-created retreaty for women - Women's Sabat.
Currently, she is creating therapeutic art workshops, combining the philosophy of the East with Western science. Creates an art project inspired by mushrooms - Mycohood.

Duration: about 3-4 hours.


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