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Maria Subczyńska

She graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań, Faculty of Multimedia Communication. She creates art inspired by mycelium, inter-species communication and love. She seeks an answer to the question about the role of art and the artist in the Anthropocene era, in the "toxic culture" of divisions and conflicts, whose expression is the state of (un)health of individuals, societies and environment. She seeks ways to "rebuild links", to create a language that would have the power to create bonds, to exchange inter-genre messages.

She feels like an ambassador of plants, fungi, stones, minerals and animals on Earth.

In her artistic practice she uses various media, usually working at the interface of various fields, art and science, biology and spirituality. Trying to find common points for shared reality.

PORTFOLIO (contemporary art)
Co-creates projects: Sabat Kobiet, Biomateria Studio.
Publication in the RTV Magazine:
"Pixels from the heart of nature's lover"

She offer graphics, videos, photos dedicated to social media / websites.

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