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Mask Eyes

I invite you to take a closer look at the symbolism of the mask and its functions. In some cultures, masks are commonplace, or a tradition associated with rituals of passage. Now we deal with masks on a daily basis. I will lead the ritual of making masks, it will be a collective childbirth - a process. Transferring objects and their energy to one another and creating a trance-meditative meeting with the symbol of a mask.

ania z maska.jpg

The most frequent theme in the "Eyes of the Mask" workshop is the perception of the mask as an artificially imposed pose that makes us cease to be authentic. A mask as a protective barrier or a cage from which we want to get out but cannot.Workshop participants often meet with the fact that they do not want to create more masks for themselves, because they want to free themselves from them and be themselves.Paradoxically, after creating a mask, when they put it on themselves, they experience liberation, deeper self-knowledge and, at the same time, a deeper encounter with themselves / themselves.
I love the mask paradox and the release that catalyzes when you put it on. The mask that we consciously put on, wanting to meet a given aspect of reality or ourselves, releases the shamanic element of feeling, by facilitating the entry into deeper contact with the body, it releases the creation of our own magical form, which accompanies us in the process of healing, soothing the parts of ourselves over which we need to bend down more, love each other, give attention and send love ❤

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