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How did it all start?

What happened that fungi became the Center of my universe?


When I was a little girl, my mother introduced me to the world of Nature with great sensitivity,

as a child I learned to perceive the World of Nature in a very delicate and tender way, I loved forests, meadows, fields, everything that lived on them, plants and mushrooms.

A deep connection with nature,

the feeling of unity with the world of Nature

is a spiritual experience for me.

In 2016, Leszek Grastka recommended me a lecture by Paul Stamets "6 ways mushrooms can save the world", in which Paul shared a very inspiring comparison of mycorrhizal networks with the Internet.

My brain exploded, I felt on the path of my life like never before :))


This is how the journey to the Heart Center of the pulsating Mycelium began.

My love for mushrooms, the seeds of which had not been arranged before, merged into a strong mechanism that drives my work, as an artist I found a lot of inspiration in the world of mushrooms,

and Paul Stamets was my guide in the Mycological Universe.

Paul Stamets

🍄 This is how the movie "Mikoryzator" was born, a poetic story about an alien who descends to Earth in order to explain to humanity how the Forest Internet and the world of fungi functions.
At that time, I was wondering how to bring people closer to the treasures of deep connection with Nature, and I came up with a fictitious tool, the Mycorizator, to connect to the forest internet (mycorrhizal networks in the forest). The definition of the mycorrhizator looks like this:

🍄Mycorrhizator - is a word-tool derived from the concept of mycorrhiza, i.e. a common phenomenon consisting in the coexistence of roots or seeds of PLANTS with MUSHROOMS. Why a word-tool? Because the information that is hidden under this concept contributes to the process of changing consciousness and a new view of the forest - as a perfectly communicated environment.

🍄 In addition to the film, two more works called Mikoryzator were created:
- "Mikoryzator", a book for children about forest creatures - Sits, presenting the secrets of

the Forest Internet to a girl named Zoe:

Screenshot (1)_edited.jpg

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- "Mikoryzator" interactive installation and workshops, which were created in cooperation with

Piotr Słomczewski. Workshop participants can build their own plants and connect them to an interactive mycelium network (Arduino):


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MIKORYZATOR (instalation)

🍄 A deep relationship with the world of Nature, something that I also decided to pass on to my daughter, this is how I found the book "Children of the Roots" by Sibylle von Olfers, a story about the cyclical nature of Nature, about children who travel with the seasons
- once into the ground to the roots,
- once over the earth, dancing a summer dance in colorful costumes.

🍄The fairy-tale world of the Children of the Roots fascinated me and I decided to inspire others by creating an online community of the same name: Children of the Roots Community.

dzieci korzeni.jpg


🍄Dzieci Korzeni Community was established in 2017, it was a space for the exchange of knowledge about forest baths, news from the world of fungi and permaculture.


🍄In 2018, I met Natalia Ziętara, we decided to join forces and work together, so the Children of the Roots Community evolved to the Biophilia Network.

The Biophilia network group was created with the intention of weaving a network of mutually supportive initiatives in harmony with Mother Nature (and for Mother Nature), spreading knowledge and creativity, and creating space for intuition to flourish.

lady mycelium.jpg

🍄At the end of 2018, Olga Rutkowska joined us, and then, as a collective of 3 people, we decided that we wanted to go back to the roots of what we had connected, the mushrooms, and so we did. We founded Mycohood * to build a community inspired by the mycelium network, the energy of trees and the human need to be close to Mother Earth.

* MYCOHOOD- a combination of the words mycelium- mycelium, mycophilia- love for fungi and mycology- science dealing with the study of mushrooms and hood - colloquially the neighborhood, but also a suffix (word fragment) in English. English to form nouns (people belonging to one group)
** Members of the Mycohood community have the opportunity to use the Mycorrhizator to connect to the common mycorrhizal networks (CMN) at their convenience. 

From 2021 on, Mycohood, I lead myself, Olga and Natalia, the universe has summoned other realities to conquer.


🍄 Currently, Mycohood is a space dedicated to mushrooms and their potential, but regenerative for Earth.
It is part of the Mushroom Revolution, Paradigm Shift, and the Psychedelic Renaissance.

🍄Mycohood is a space for all kinds of mushroom activities, businesses and art projects.

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