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MYCELIAL DANCE 馃崉 choreography inspired by the movement of the growing mycelium

Graphic: Maria Subczy艅ska

"Mycelium dance" About how the cooperation of mushroom people came about by Maria Subczynska and Mycelium When we encourage people to take part in the project, we say "hello, we are mushroom people"

Some time ago I started working with Csilla H贸di...

Here Csilla during our walk together in Sweden.

Csilla H贸di invited me to collaborate on her project at the end of her master's studies in Stockholm, this is how the "Dance of the Mycelium" was created. It started with a daily dance practice, a meditative experience that I documented.

HERE on Csilla's Fairy Circles web:

During the dance, I imagined a mycelium knot growing from my hands, it becomes my body, I borrow her my body to give her experience of life on earth from a human perspective, like a deceased person during the Mexican festival of the dead appearing into the body of a living person. In Mexico, people wear masks depicting a deceased ancestor, such as a grandfather, for this purpose. So the costume plays an important role, entering the sphere of the sacred, entering a different state of consciousness, we are no longer ourselves, our body is filled with grandfather, our body is filled with mycelium.

Graphic: Maria Subczy艅ska

This is how the idea was born to create a mycelium dance costume which give mycelium opportunity to fill the human body, the human borrow its body so that it can experience life from the human perspective, the experience of the human body.

phot. Ella, dancer Yari Stilo

Csilla came up with the idea to develop it into participatory project, so it happened that we invite everyone who wants to experience the dance of the mycelium. So I sewed the Mushroom outfit from lumpex curtains, packed it into my bag and headed for the airport. We met in Stockholm, where we started working with dancers, performers, and more. Each contributed its own unique quality, a different kind of movement, by scavenging the body of the mycelium, made up of many bodies. Each encounter is/was emerging from a similar, ritual-like dramaturgy of a dressing up and a listening to the verbal description of the transformative process: Preparation+Dance+Integration. The person got veiled by the mycelial costume, adding an opacity to their personhood. The appearing mycelial body is dancing through various spaces. It is become possible to embody the mycelium movement with the human body, the possibility has become possible, now everything is possible from all possible possibilities in the world.... uuu

"hello? I am the mycelium, I speak through the human body, I write with the hands of a woman, I tap on the android keys, I make signs with words, words to create expressions, now we can have a conversation ...

If you want to lend me your body, please contact me, I will be very happy ...

Mycelium hugs "

phot. Maria Subczy艅ska dancer Alice

The experience of the mycelium, its reality, becomes your experience.

You follow the movement of your body, which is limited by the costume I sew.

Stages of the Mushroom Dance Ceremony

The first step is preparation.

We ask the participants to prepare as much as possible for the mycelium dance, which can be done in various ways. The point is to do it as consciously as possible. The more attention we give to the preparations for the dance, the more meaningful the experience will be for us. Preparation involves dressing in a ceremonial manner, it is like going through a gate into an altered state of consciousness, the mycelium state of consciousness. Your body becomes a vessel for mycelium. She becomes your body.

The next step - dance

Here we enter the sphere of the sacred. Transformative things happen, they cannot be accurately expressed in words, each experience has its own unique character.

The last step is integration.

This is the time when experience matures in us. Time allows you to see the experience from different perspectives. The dance experience matures in us gradually, we can write down our reflections on a piece of paper, or record a video or record our voice. Integration can be devotion to painting the visions that came to us during the dance. Give yourself time and if you want to share with us what you have experienced, we will gladly accept any records :)

fot. Csilla H贸di Currently the costume is in Budapest and participates in Csilli's art project.

Soon we will share the video documentation of the mycelium dance soooo


Mush love!

Maria Subczy艅ska and Mycelium

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