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I have been looking for a place for myself in the world of art for some time, but usually I feel like a fungus (INTER/ between the Kingdom of Animals and the Kingdom of Plants).

There is, however, an area that is close to me as a woman, as a person who loves nature, as well as seeking a new language for inter-species exchange. The area I have in mind for the moment can be called TAKING CARE. I have made myself at home in this area, among other things, after reading the book:

THE TRUTH IS CONCRETE. Truth Is Concrete: A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics (Sternberg Press)

I highly recommend --> The truth is concrete.

Below is my collection "caring" activities on different levels.

The first find I want to share is:


I learned about Tamera's existence for the first time in one of the first issues of Trans/wizje. A lot of time has passed, but so far my foot has not been set in this unusual village - an experiment. Although I haven't been there yet, I recommend everyone to get acquainted with the unique place that is Tamera.

Tamera from the air.,9455.jpg

Tamera The Healing Biotope is a village based on permaculture principles.

The main goal of Tamera's creators is the birth of Terra Nova - a world outside the war - by building the so-called Healing Biotopes (futuristic centers that explore and model a new planetary culture).

Terra Nova is a vision of a planetary culture consisting of autonomous and interconnected communities: a post-patriarchal civilization free of violence and war.

The model that determines the success of peaceful projects like Tamera is different from the one we are used to in our capitalist world. It is based on patterns that we can observe in the natural world, especially in the world of plants and fungi. Here, success is no longer determined by what is strong and large (which usually involves violence), but by what is as complex and composed as possible of many elements, combined on many levels, creating life positively. Here the law of versatility is a determining factor in establishing new fields in evolution.

Any great changes are small and inconspicuous at first.

For those who want to know more:

The next find is:

~ The Cyberdelic Society

I learned about The Cyberdelic Society through the Beyond Pychedelics, conference, which took place in Prague in 2018.

The Cyberdelic Society is trying to inspire programmers, artists, scientists, techno enthusiasts and psychonauts to unite together to build a new paradigm.

On The Cyberdelic Society website we can read that an important part of their work is to create context and content primarily through the use of hybrid technologies such as VR / AR / MR (Mixed Reality) and sensory technology, in order to inform the whole phenomenological worldview through ontological and ecological awareness. By applying a variety of different cyberdelivery experiences, Experimental activities on the borderline of reality, as well as expanding the possible realities that humans can experience are their specialty. They also work for a healthy relationship between man and technology. They have an extremely interactive website, filled with interesting information, I recommend having a look --> Cyberdelic!

One of the projects of The Cyberdelic Society is CYBER MUSHROOM 🍄:

If you are interested in similar topics, you can join The Cyberdelic Society.

The last discovery I want to share with you is a phenomenon I decided to call movement:

~ GIY MOVEMENT, something more than mushroom cultivation

1. 1) Mycoworks offer leather and bricks of mushrooms and mycelium. 2. Hy-fi Tower in front of MoMA in New York City with mycelium bricks.

GIY, or grow it yourself, but why movement? I often recall a time when my inspiration was punk rock DIY. Today we have different times, the answer to the problems of our times can be precisely GIY ethics.

I encourage you to grow mushrooms! By cultivating mushrooms (superfood) in the right conditions, you provide yourself and your loved ones with valuable nutrients, and you can contribute to change on a wider scale. Here every small step counts. By opening up to mushroom breeding, we are opening up to new quality, a paradigm shift. We can grow food, bricks, eco-fungi clothing, furniture, packaging, etc., but maybe also something new that is not yet there and that you will come up with.

Here you'll learn how to make a brick of mycelium:

Mushrooms will be the plastic of the future. Maybe it sounds absurd to you, but more and more real to me. Will mushrooms save us from an avalanche of plastic? You will find some answers to this question in the film below:

Finally, my absolute favourite - MYCO-COSMOS, a journey through matter and space, the hybrid fruit of a collaboration between artist Phil Ross and mycologist Paul Stamets and musician Laraaji:

We are on the rhizomes!

Maria Subczyńska


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