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graphics: Maria Subczyńska, Inspired by Natalia Ziętara's vision

We are dreaming of healing Mother Earth

~ We invite you to the project!

We are just launching our latest initiative - the Polypore and Dreams, Dreams and Polypores, which aims to deepen our relationship with nature, self-development, as well as exploration of the dream area with the intention of healing Mother Earth.

Exchange of knowledge, impressions, dreams, feelings and information are the main points of the project. I invite you to join us! We will communicate through a group on Facebook - also click and join --> , but also in real life.

To begin with, we will talk about the important role of fungi as "recyclers" of matter in the ecosystem, soil magicians and their potential in bioremediation, i.e. mycoremediation. We will talk about Ötzim the Iceman, who lived 3300 years ago B.C, who had two polypore mushrooms with him, used as medicine and tools to light a fire and damn the wounds - the common Hoof fungus (fomes fomentarius) and the Birch polypore (piptoporus betulinus). You have beautiful dreams after that (not only about the ice man), and what's more, it increases vitality, drinking in the form of a stock helps the stomach, has a good effect on the skin and has a healing effect on various types of cancer, has an anti-inflammatory effect, has antibiotic and antiviral properties, helps with diseases caused by gastrointestinal parasites. So many years have passed, and Birch polypore continue to grow on birch trees and serve their purpose:)

Polypores are links to the natural world, their language is symbolic, they also communicate with humans through dreams. You can meditate with them wonderfully, receiving useful messages from the depths of the vibrant Forest.

~.~.The language of nature is the language of imagination. ~.~

We will create a space to share the process of experience sharing. In the group you will also find links to an online circle, during which we will explore the area of dreams and create a space for the exchange of experiences, which will accompany us after getting to know the polypore mushrooms. We will also share ways to rebuild the broken links between man and the heart of Nature. Pachamama will lead us to the source, we will create a space for the exchange of knowledge and information/messages that came to us. We will lead a common meditation as well as share valuable clues about conscious being in the ecosystem.

Graphics: Maria Subczyńska

The forest is a well-connected environment, when we open up to discovering the relationships between the actors of the network, we find great wealth, biodiversity, and learn about life and death, as well as re-birth. This is what mushrooms teach us, they are like an interface between life and death. They take care of closing the cycle, the circulation of matter, they are an organism in between. They teach us to let go of what has gone, to make space for the new. They also teach us to accept what has been displaced by our culture, i.e. death, old age, rotting, illness. They teach us about borderline, transitory states, healing what is not well, building space for a healthy relationship with difficult areas of our reality, showing their deep sense and widening the spectrum of their vision.

The true BODY OF THE FUNGI is underground or hidden deep in the tissues of wood. What we see is only fruits / fruting. .These SENSIVE WHITE networks capture valuable information. The essence of the fungus body. They support each other with the plants, GIVING INFORMATION and RENDER COMPONENTS.

We often focus only on the fruits of reality, but it is worthwhile to look deeper, underground, not only on what comes out of the surface. Polypore and Dreams is a space that speaks of collaboration, sharing and co-creation of the supporting participants of the network that we will weave together. We are Sensitive and act from the level of our hearts, shining with the WHITE LIGHT.

graphics: Maria Subczyńska


Maria Subczyńska


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