Natalia Ziętara

For years, I have been exploring the secrets of the body and its connections with mind and soul by various methods. I am a connector by nature and Sociologist by education, love and addiction. I see the whole picture and every part of it at once. I connect people and individual elements of the creative puzzles.

Since I remember Mother Earth was my teacher, mentor and friend.


My head loves creativity and stimulation. As I observe the phenomena that occur in nature, I want to constantly transfer them to creation. Nature inspires me and teaches me both about herself and myself.I'm constantly looking for tools and ways to deal with difficult emotions and manage my resources wisely so that I can act to my full potential. I listen to my body, I follow it. I walk barefoot as much as I can, I hug trees. From Nature I learn wisdom, acceptance and distance. Without a doubt, I see in movement and breathing the potential to support myself in life's challenges, searching, experiencing, working on myself. Without a doubt, I also see movement and breathing as an ideal support for conventional therapy.

I love coffee arabica. The best quality coffee plant, with which I have had a special relationship for years, has taught me to respect the process. This extremely wise woman grows at great heights, likes the warmth but not the heat and moisture. Vulcan soil is most conducive to her. This is the first time that coffee has drawn my attention to an extremely important aspect of plant cultivation and the need to harvest it by hand. There are flowers as well as green and quite ripe fruit on the tree. When I first heard about it, I understood how important it is for every plant to be cultivated with respect and in a relationship.

The mushroom is also a creature that has been teaching me an unusual connection with Nature for years.


It reminds me of the Tree of Life, the veins flowing in me, the meridians flowing in me, the placenta. The mushroom, which is the link. Which is the transmitter of nutrition between the trees. Mycelium that resembles the Internet. A mycelium that made me dream about a forest-like society where different organisms such as people like trees support each other, creating, creating and transmitting nutrients to each other and creating a network, a community.

Under the IKIGAL brand I create and coordinate events/experiences, create and run movement and breathing workshops. I explore breathing techniques and methods of working with the body to find more space for flow, on the way to getting to know myself better and working through difficult emotions. This is what I share with the world. Apart from MYCOHOOD I co-create the Women's Sabbath collective. Each of the projects I'm involved in compliments my creative soul and allows me to stand in my power, which until a few years ago was unthinkable for me and is still a big challenge I take up.

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