is an artistic and educational project based on artistic activism spreading knowledge, a combination of body- mind- spirit and understanding of Mother Earth. It is a project that explores the energy flowing both in Man as well as in Nature.


We build a community inspired by a network of mycelium, the energy of trees and the human need to be close to Nature.


We create a community of mutually supporting organisms (people, institutions, organizations, cooperatives, collectives, etc.), which inspires to live in a sustainable, communal and self-sufficient way. We want to raise in the society a spark of hope that by uniting in acting for the benefit of nature, we can do a lot, not only for her, because she can do without us, but for us, for future generations, our children.


Mycohood is a network that connects all beings to support one another, exchange resources and empower each other. And all this to create a world in harmony with Nature, to return to the values of true communities and to use new knowledge and technology, because everything in the universe wants to develop, but also to adapt to the surrounding reality.


It is a constant communication according to the needs of the present time, so that we can better use our possibilities and live together in harmony.

We offer a wide range of educational workshops for children and adults, from online courses to classroom workshops, also addressed to cultural institutions/schools/NGOs. We are close to the values of holistic education. We work to raise awareness, using tools of artistic expression. In our work we use both urban acupuncture and the Internet acupuncture. The work with the body and breathing is also deepened.

We believe that creativity is a natural state of mind of every person and we share this view with others. Our relationship with Nature is constantly growing. As a result, we co-create cooperatives and social activities in various fields, combining science with art and spirituality.  This is why we also promote the latest research on psychedelics.

Mycohood is created by Maria Subczyńska,

Olga Rutokowska oraz Natalia Ziętara.